Kids Camping Equipment

Kids Camping Equipment

Anyone who fails to appreciate the great leap forward in kids camping gear made in the last 30 years is either too young to remember the bad old stuff or sensible enough to have traded it all for the latest named brands.  Kid camping, even the version in which we have to bring our own kids, is no less wonderful and awful now than it was when we were kids.  What does make an outdoor camping trip exciting is the fact we are all working together. Serve typical camping food, such as hot dogs and beans.  Have traditional camping activities around the “campfire”, such as spooky stories, a sing-along, or games like “duck-duck-goose” and “telephone.  There’s lots of ways to ensure a happy camping experience.

Let cover some straight forward stuff about kids camping equipment, well any camping equipment actually. Most tent come with a rain fly, but if there should be a period of heavy or prolonged rain, even the best of rain flies will not hold back the water. A comfortable sleeping mat or mattress and a warm sleeping bag can be the key to a peaceful night sleep when camping with the kids.   A minimalist method to camping can sometimes be best so plan what you want to take and then reduce by a third and most importantly chose your pitch carefully and fix down well. Simply stuff but so often overlooked.

Consider investing in waterproof clothing if you are going to be hiking or even to wear around camp if the weather is bad as the kids will be miserable if they get wet.  Camping can quickly lose its appeal if the weather is bad so you should always plan ahead and have backup activities. A tarpaulin set up providing a dry playing area is a good idea. Plan some wet weather activities and remember to bring cards, puzzles, colouring books, board games, books and toys from home. Research local area to check out what there is to do if all else fails.

Kid camping, even the version in which we have to bring our own kids, is no less wonderful and awful now than it was when we were kids.  Put kids sleeping bags, and any other gear you treasure into dry bags, garbage bags, or some other water barrier.  Teach your kids good tent etiquette so they don’t crawl all over the tent in their wet boots, or dump a mug of hot chocolate over their sleeping bag and the most important word to remember is ‘enjoy’!

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Kids out door clothes are important when camping with children. Camping is a fascinating experience that they will cherish for years to come but leave your child cold and uncomfortable and it it could spoil the whole event. That may sound a little like scare mongering. It’s not meant to be. So many people invest heavily in the right tent, cooking equipment but neglete to ensure their kids have the right outdoor clothing. At an early age, camping is a empowering learning experience that introduces them to the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Camping with children is one of the true joys in family life. Take time to plan your trip carefully. See the importance of remembering to make sure you take the correct kids outdoor clothing and this will ensure maximum enjoyment.

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