Childrens Walking Boots.

Kids Walking Boots

Childrens walking boots, as adult ones, have the added advantage of supporting your ankles, but keep a look out for lighter alternatives.  Childrens walking boots with tough moulded soles are the best all-round solution, protecting the feet and keeping them warm and dry, providing grip and supporting the ankles, essential on steep slopes.

Walking shoes are a lighter alternative to boots, offering a tough protective sole with good grip, but no ankle support.  When choosing your boots, remember: look for proper walking boots not gimick boots and beware of high street fashion boots that look like walking boots but will not give you the comfort or protection you need. Kids walking boots are best worn with thick socks So have your child wear their usual walking socks when trying them on and above all make sure the boot feels comfortable for yuor child when laced, the boot should hold firmly around their entire foot without it feeling too cramped. Your childs heel should not move, and their big toe should not be pressing against the uppers.

A good idea is for your kids to look after their own boots making sure their boots are kept clean and, if they become wet, teach them to fill them with scrunched-up newspaper and place them away from direct heat to dry.  If your childs foot slips forward when going downhill it’s not the right boot for them.

Remember, childrens walking boots are a long-term investment, so it will pay to look after them.  Scouts really need to have a good pair of walking boots as well.  Whether hiking up a mountain trail on a warm summer day or walking to work on a cold, wet, sloppy day, these boots will keep your child’s feet comfortable and protected.

It’s easy to think that your children’s favourite pair of walking boots are a good fit, but if they are regularly suffering from blisters, sore or bruised toes and hot spots, then there’s a big possibility that their boots actually aren’t the correct fit.  Although they may be comfy on the whole, a good fitting pair of boots generally won’t cause foot problems such as these and will provide all offer good support and comfort for your feet.

It’s good to have a bit of space in a child’s walking boots, so their feet aren’t cramped up and their toes won’t automatically rub, but too much space isn’t a good thing either.  A correctly fitting pair of walking or hiking boots should fit snugly at the heel.

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